Miss Macao history

In 1972,

"Miss Macau" was founded in 1972. After that, 15 competitions were held intermittently from 1985 to 1998 and from 2008 to 2009. Miss Macao is the oldest, largest and most influential beauty pageant in Macao. It aims to promote the culture of Macao to the public and visitors.

In 1988,

In 1988, guang see gave up the right to host the event, and the tourism department of macau took over the event, which was then suspended.

In 1989,

In 1993,

Since most of the early contestants were native macanese, it became a beauty pageant legend for the four sisters.

In 1995,

The champion also became the goodwill ambassador of macau to promote macau's tourism and culture, and represented macau in the "miss Chinese international" contest and the "miss world" contest in the same year.

In 1996,

In 2008,

In 2008, the "miss Macao campaign" was resumed after 11 years of absence.

In 2009,

In 2009, the second year of the miss macau campaign, the theme of which is "gorgeous legend, witnessed by you"

In 2019,

In 2019, 10 years after the suspension of the miss macau event, the theme of the event is "return to macau in 10 years to show the true beauty of Macao", which once again illustrates the beauty and wisdom of the miss Macao.

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